The first B & K rootbeer stand was built in the mid 1940s in Wabash, Indiana. Named after its founders Bergarson & Kenefick from Michigan City Indiana, the B & K chain grew to almost 300 locations through out the midwest. Over 70 years later, there are around 10 active B & K drive in themed location in Indiana including one in our great city of Muncie.

Built in 1956, Muncie has kept a little piece of history alive. While the root beer, Spanish sauce, coney dogs, music and ambiance hold true to the days of yester year, Muncie’s B & K has made some amazing additions to a menu that many have enjoyed for generations. In addition to all the sweet treats like homemade root beer, hand dipped ice cream, parfaits, smoothies and slushes, Muncie’s B &K now offers BBQ.

All of our meats (including, pulled pork, pulled chicken, St Louis style ribs and beef brisket ) are slow cooked and smoked with birch wood in a smoker that is on site to ensure you are getting the freshest and juiciest meat this side of the White River. Some of our meats are smoked for 12 hours before they even think about hitting the assembly line. After all that work we wouldn’t dare think about putting just any sauce on our bbq. After years of work we have crafted our very own, homemade, made fresh daily bbq and spicy bbq sauce. All this amazing bbq can be shared at your next event, wedding, graduation, birthday party, 4th of July or your next sock hop as we offer catering.

Come for the root beer, come back for the Bbq.